About Me

Freischaffende Künstlerin

Regina Thyssen is an Austrian artist who was able to stretch herself from fine arts to an extremely abstract irrational concept.

One of her main objectives was the realization of artworks having the female body as character: everything takes the shape of a daring and distinctive style, by creating genuine human landscapes.

Beyond the female body, the artist has recently been involved with new subjects related to more abstraction. The artist opted for a technique taken from the abstract Expressionism which is very typical in America. Her paintings are shown as a chaotic intertwining of lines and colored spots, with a total absence of rational organization . It can be easily found a strong drama, through which Regina is able to unleash her inner tension.

The painting becomes not a planned action in the ways of its execution and in the final effects but it is exactly in this act that art lies. At the core o f the artwork, artist personality is found in a risk status, putting her life at stake in a psychological and spiritual sense. The Artist’s living place and of her art is therefore the picture: a space free from aesthetic conventions, where the painter includes her emotions and life energy.

The artist lives not because he / she depicts something, but because she / he decides to act. This movement and precisely this “Action “ is considered as taking the risk of painting without any project, leaving the painting to arise and appear at the moment.


1968 born in Villach, Austria
1980-1986 secondary school
1986-19992 fashion design (Hetzendorf fashion school, Vienna)
1992-1993 Training course for stage tailoring and theatrical drapery, Herbststrasse, Vienna
1995 Move to Gailtal
Lives and works in Carinthia and in Vienna


1989 Participation in „Kärntner Ansichten – eine andere Landesausstellung“ (Carinthian Regional Exhibition), Hüttenberg
2014 „Kunst&Pferd“ (Evt .Art & Horse) with Andreas Stasta and Markus Wagenhofer
2014 Exhibition in „Antoniushof“, Hermagor
2015 Joint exhibition in studio „Starkstrom“, 1160 Vienna
2015 „Kunst&Pferd“ with Andreas Stasta, Pia Kober and Markus Wagenhofer
2015 „Grenzgänge – Kunst im Bordell“ (crossing borders – art in the brothel), 1160 Vienna
2015 Joint exhibition in Medalm, Hermagor
2016 Contemporary Art Exhibition 14 – 28 January 2016, M.A.D. Gallery Milano
2016 YEAR ONE ART 14 – 28 February 2016 International Contemporary Show, M.A.D. Gallery Milano
2018 CARAVAGGIO PRICE – Great Master of Art 7 December 2018 Litta Theater, Milano
2019 M.A.D.S. CRITICS AWARD 18 January – 8 February 2019 M.A.D.S. Milano

„What was supposed to be inserted on the canvas was not an image, but an event.

The great moment arrived when it was decided to paint just for painting.
The acts on the canvas were gestures of freedom, having aesthetic and moral  alues.“

(Harold Rosemberg)